Formal Registration and instruction of Solicitors/Legal Professionals on a No Win – No Fee Representation basis for the filing of Dispute Resolution paperwork to your Bank/Lender. No Administration Charge. Subject to a "No win-No fee" agreement.

1.Following a review of the Options attached to the legal opinion and if the Validation Team indicate that you are eligible to file a Mortgage Securitisation Claim (MSC), following the completion of the DSAR review under the Validation Process, you can progress to the Dispute Process, if you so wish, however, this is a separate agreement.

2. You are instructing us to proceed with the Mortgage Securitisation Claim (MSC) to your Lender and enter you into a class or group action with the appointment of Legal specialists to pursue your action further.

3. You will enter into a "No Win - No further Fee" agreement for the benefit of the Legal Quest team involved, with all participants named and identified as to their percentage of any fee or benefit. (see copy published on the website). The CFA is for 25% =VAT ( total 30%) of any benefit to you.

4. You are hereby advised that NO additional fees are authorised or will be due and payable by you to any of the participants named in the CFA.

5. Legal Quest will prepare all the paperwork in readiness for the Mortgage Securitisation Claim (MSC) and instruct solicitors, mediators and/or barristers as required and undertake that there will be NO further costs to you.

6. Legal Quest will arrange ATE insurance and litigation Funding, as required, at no cost to you.

7. Legal Quest undertake to obtain an indemnity through Legal Shield Protect Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Legal Quest, to provide you with "Before the Event" cover for a six year period commencing on the happening of a successful action, providing defence costs cover should a Third Party commence any future recovery action against you, at no cost to you.

8. On the happening of a successful Mortgage Securitisation Claim (MSC), a minimum 50% of the CFA will be used to provide BTE Insurance and/or future indemnity provisions, for your benefit, without further cost to you. You will be the sole named beneficiary of any BTE Insurance policy.

9.You agree that should any court award additional legal costs in you favour, these are to be paid to the benefit of the legal teams involved.

10. The entire process from submission to resolution is expected to be a lengthy one and Legal Quest advise that the realistic time frame for any decision(s) regarding a Mortgage Securitisation Claim (MSC) may be as long as 1 to 2 years from first submission.

11. If there is a successful outcome depending on the format and terms etc., the legal professionals will prepare and deliver any documentation in order to bring the matters to a conclusion.

12. It is expected that a pre-litigation settlement option will be the most likely outcome, although nothing is confirmed until agreed and settled in writing. However, in any settlement or successful award situation, the end result is likely to be the same. The original amount of the mortgage balance will most likely be set aside. If you are unable to pay our fee from your own available funds, a new, significantly lower, mortgage amount could be negotiated with your original lender, if you wish. It is also likely that a non disclosure ‘gag’ order is contained therein.

13. You have the right to end this agreement at any time. If you choose to end the agreement within 14 days of signing this agreement, you will owe us nothing, if we have not negotiated a settlement or an award has not been made within 2 years of the date of this agreement you may cancel without any financial penalty or costs as stated below, unless the period is extended by mutual agreement.

If you cancel after the initial 14 day period but before a settlement has been negotiated with your lender within the 2 year period, you may be liable to pay us our reasonable costs incurred up to the date you end this agreement, calculated at the hourly rate of £148.50 with letters and telephone calls charged at £24.75 each (unless they last for ten minutes or longer in which case they will be charged at the appropriate proportion of the hourly rate). VAT at the standard rate prevailing (currently 20.00%) will be applied to all of these figures.

14. Your commitment to us. You agree to lend all necessary assistance to the legal teams in order that the legal team may pursue your cause of action.

15.You undertake NOT to provide false or misleading information and provide all information requested as accurately as you can.

16. After a successful win, the purchasers of your original loan may make a claim of ownership against you. BTE insurance, purchased by Legal Quest with you as the named party, will provide you with cover for legal defence costs that may be incurred in defending their claim.

17. If the third party are successful, you may owe them the original mortgage balance. You will only have to contribute 70% and RETURN TO YOUR ORIGINAL MORTGAGE LIABILITY AMOUNT, the balance being made up from contributions from the Legal Shield Protect indemnity fund and the underwriters of the BTE insurance policy. Your maximum liability will never exceed the original mortgage obligation. You are obviously free to choose to appoint any other firm of solicitors to act for you and it is strongly recommended that you should do so, if you choose not to appoint Legal Quest

If you choose not to instruct Legal Quest for the Mortgage Securitisation Claim (MSC) no further liability shall be remaining between Legal Quest and yourselves.

You owe it to yourself and family to at least check the documentation and, if as Legal Quest believe is the case, to then proceed to a formal challenge and potentially secure a significant ‘win’* as a result.

*A significant win is one where at least 10% of your mortgage balance is set aside.

Data Protection: All of your data is controlled and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be used to help us pursue your complaint. Your files are retained electronically for 6 years and will be deleted thereafter. Legal Quest reserves the right to charge a fee for the recovery of your file should you wish for a physical copy to be provided. We will never disclose any of your information to any disinterested third party.