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Legal Quest have now officially launched the Legal Quest MSC. Could you potentially qualify for a reduction in your mortgage?

Watch the recent 'breaking news' videos to find out what it's all about.

Recent News - Update

Your MSC Promotional Video

Professor confirms the Promissory Note in Loans

Bank of England talk about Money Creation

The Bank of England published two booklets as part of their 2014 Q1 report. They also produced two videos which cover some of the key aspects to do with money creation.

Click Here to download a booklet published by the Bank of England on Money Creation.

Bank of England - Part 1

Bank of England - Part 2

You and Your Cash interview with Legal Quest

As part of the due diligence You and Your Cash conducted before joining with Legal Quest, they filmed a series of interviews with Managing Director of Legal Quest, Stephen Swain.

They asked some very interesting and pertinent questions.

Take a look at the 4 part series.

Legal Quest Interview - Part 1

Legal Quest Interview - Part 2

Legal Quest Interview - Part 3

Legal Quest Interview - Part 4

Information Videos

Legal Quest have put together a series of explainer videos to help you understand the Legal Quest MSC.

Power of Attorney - Explained

Money Creation - Explained